Install in esp32 windows failed


mos clone app1
Error: app1: Local copy in “demo-js” does not exist and fetching is not allowed
/src/cli/main.go:198: clone failed
exit status 1
Command completed.


if you know how to use git, then git clone
if you don’t, downgrade your version of mos to 2.18.0 (mos update 2.18.0). Looks like the current stable has a problem cloning.

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mos clone works with 2.19.0 as well.

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can you give me link of mos 2.18.0


Read my post again, the part in fixed width bold is the command to run
You can also try mos update 2.19.0, nliviu just confirmed it also works

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Just noticed that it has been fixed in latest

mos clone demo-c app11
app11: Does not exist, cloning from ""...
app11: Checking out master...
app11: Pulling...
app11: Done, hash 8037c32b538348af4b5bef1f3d7e1a018a0a0e6b
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