IR sensor working but moS not printing output

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  1. My goal is: [getting output or hex Code from IR sensor using esp32]
  2. My actions are: [i am trying IR sensor which is working fine in arduino code but when i use mongoose library of IR the sensor is working fine when i put command from remote the indicator light blinks but MOS console doesn’t print output or hex code on screen i have tried many google searches but didn’t find any solution]
  3. The result I see is: [not getting output from mongoose]
  4. My expectation & question is: [Getting remote button hex code print on screen using esp32]

What is an “IR sensor” in this context ? What hex code ? What library are you using ? What program ? Why do you think some hex code has to be printed ? Do you see any output ? Did you try any other example ?

this library i am using :

So, okay if anyone else have same problem, i have a solution after 2 week of research i and my team found this library have only 1 issue which is print statement , please don’t use any print statement not on C code neither on JS code library will give you code but if you use print statement you will get core dump error , so you can create a new global variable type int for C and JS just use let and then store Code written by library in that variable , then you can create a new function using Timer library that will print your variable every 1 sec , here you will get your TSOP IR code ,please don’t use any other remote use TSOP only for other remotes you have to make some changes in IR library of mongoose, i used ESP32.

There is a comment in the source code that advises against using printf or LOG in ISR. And certainly using mjs is not a good idea.

hi, btw last week I find bug in ir library. GitHub - mongoose-os-libs/ir: IR library for Mongoose OS . There is
t time value, which is type uint32_t. Its owerflow after about little more than 4000 seconds. I have
corrected library with uint64_t on github GitHub - lisak72/ir: IR corrected driver for Mongoose-os . If its possible, be good to correct
it in official library.

Why don’t you file a PR against the IR library?

ok, solved, corrected in official library