Is there any sort of LTS type expectation for Mongoose OS?


Hello! I’m sorry for asking this question, it might be removed and I totally understand if it’s inappropriate. I’ve been working on a hobby project with Mongoose OS for the past 2 years. It’s actually a Christmas present that I HOPE to finish by next year.

I’m using Mongoose OS, and I love it so much more than the alternatives (Arduino “platform” and building my own firmware from “scratch” with something lower level). Seriously I appreciate it very much. I’ve even bought a bunch of licenses to support the project even though I don’t expect to need them.

That said, in gitter I recently read through a bunch of conversation where people were questioning whether or not it was “safe” to use Mongoose OS for a project that might have a timeline a year or more out. My concern is that I’ve dumped a ton of time into my project already, I’d hate to find that in a year or something Mongoose OS is no longer a thing.

Having no visibility into whether or not it’s financially viable, and not having spent the time to understand how exactly involved the open source community really is in maintaining the project, I figured I’d start here. I’ve noticed, for example, that there don’t seem to be many updates for certain libraries I"d think would be super popular (e.g. the AWS IoT library hasn’t been updated in any larger way from what I can’t tell in over a year?).

NONE of this is a critique or a complaint, again I seriously love and appreciate the project and hope very much it lives on for many years, but at the same time I also wanted to know if there was any sort of “state of Mongoose OS” anywhere that might shed some light on this topic so I could make sure I shouldn’t start refactoring / re-thinking my strategy for my project.

Thank you very much!


Hi Kevin!

Mongoose OS is being developed and supported by Cesanta and community, business as usual.