LED Matrix Failed to Build

  1. I am trying to make scrolling text on LED matrix max7219 using mongoose.

  2. This is the link for the code i am using
    and i keep getting build failed. i have tried the code on arduino and it works.

  3. This is the link for the build log

can anyone help me to fix this build failed problem ?
Thx in advance

  1. Your code is completely C/C++ wrong (define functions inside function).

  2. Mongoose OS provides a limited Arduino compatibility layer and some compatible libraries. Search for arduino- in https://github.com/mongoose-os-libs

  3. md-parola and md-max72xx are already ported to Mongoose OS. However, there are some porting errors and if you need them, use my forks for the moment. Add the following lines in your mos.yml

  - origin: https://github.com/nliviu/md-max72xx
    version: master
  - origin: https://github.com/nliviu/arduino-md-parola
    version: master

4 - Don’t use the Arduino style setup. Move the initialization code in mgos_app_init.

5 - Some references:
Quick start
Develop in C
How to port an Arduino library

Getting started with esp32

thx for your help. i’ll try fixing it.