Light Sleep not consuming 1.8 mA when timeout is different from 0xFFFFFFF


So, I’m following the native ESP8266 SDK to use Light Sleep on Mongoose OS but I’m not managing to make it works in a specific time. The function enter_light_sleep() is at the end.

If LIGHT_SLEEP_TIME is 0xFFFFFFF (maximum from SDK), it enters on Light Sleep consuming 1.8 mA but won’t call wake_cb and not wake up unless I use a GPIO.

If LIGHT_SLEEP_TIME is 10s (10 *1000* 1000), it will wake up after 10s and call my wake_cb function but it will consume 16~18 mA while sleeping.

Any ideas?

static void enter_light_sleep(void *arg)
  mgos_uart_printf(UART_NO, "Enter_light_sleep \r\n");