Mac OS 10.13 can't update MOS 2.20.0


How can I install MOS 2.20.0 on my Mac OSX 10.13.6 ?

I was do mos update latest by mistake and my app not able to compiler anymore I’m try for update latest but I can go only 2.19.1

I checking from working device it show so I think it 2.20 version

“mg_id”: “20220612-153901/2.20.0-30-g1cb74893-master”,
“mg_version”: “202206120502”,

Thanks you help

It should be mos update release

BTW, the working firmware with "mg_id": "20220612-153901/2.20.0-30-g1cb74893-master" is built with latest on 2022/06/12.

Thanks you so much @nliviu