Mangoose os on redbear lab cc3200

  1. My goal is: to run mangoose os on the red bear lab cc3200
  2. My actions are: mos clone app1
  3. The result I see is: app1: Does not exist, cloning from “”…
    app1: Checking out 2.20.0…
    app1: Done, hash 2f72cff40959502871f7253f67ec87e5c1502231
  4. My expectation & question is: How do I fix this issue and build a firmware overcoming this error?

I got it to build using: app2

but then I ran into the following problem while trying to flash it onto the redbearlab cc3200 board with the following output:
$ mos flash
Loaded app2/cc3200 version 1.0 (20220725-072537)
Opening /dev/ttyACM0…
Failed to open device control interface (failed to open FTDI: failed to open: -3). Make sure that device is in the boot loader mode (SOP2 = 1).
Connecting to boot loader…
CC3200 boot loader v0.4.1.2, storage 0x84
Switching to NWP…
NWP boot loader v0.4.0.2, storage 0x84
Formatting SFLASH file system (1048576)…
/sys/servicepack.ucf: size 29516, alloc 49152, signed
/sys/mcuimg.bin: size 11468, alloc 14336
mg-boot.cfg.0: size 512
mg-boot.cfg.1: size 512
app2.bin.0: size 259224
Error: /build/mos-Wt49Ss/mos-2.20.0+0278853~focal0/cli/flash/cc32xx/rom_client.go:347: UploadChunk(0x24): status 0x4a
/build/mos-Wt49Ss/mos-2.20.0+0278853~focal0/cli/flash/cc32xx/rom_client.go:624: app2.bin.0: write failed @ 241664
/build/mos-Wt49Ss/mos-2.20.0+0278853~focal0/cli/flash/cc3200/flasher.go:146: failed to write app2.bin.0
/build/mos-Wt49Ss/mos-2.20.0+0278853~focal0/cli/main.go:194: flash failed
exit status 1
Command completed.