Mongoose-os/esp-idf isn't update with espressif/esp-idf


Hi there people,
I’m trying to discover wich version of esp-idf mongoose-os uses, and I see that it is behind espressif/esp-idf by a lot, 3287 commits

There a reason for not updating esp-idf?
And I haven’t figured out which version mongoose uses yet.

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i’ve seen occasional commit/release messages talking about bringing it inline with version x of IDF.


The version currently used is 3.3-r2


Thanks @nliviu.

But I’m confused about mongoose-os/esp-idf. This isn’t used inside mongoose-os then?


our fork used to live at cesanta/esp-idf but was later moved to mongoose-os/esp-idf
current branch is 3.3-r2 -