Mongoose os on ESP01-1M


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I am new with mongoose os and want to be able to program my esp01 OTA.
I followed the tutorial, and created an new app by entering ctrl+n.
Build the app application by mos build
but when i try to flash it I get an error

$ mos flash
Loaded first/esp8266 version 1.0 (20210101-181159)
Opening /dev/cu.wchusbserial142340 @ 115200...
Connecting to ESP8266 ROM, attempt 1 of 10...
  Connected, chip: ESP8266EX
Running flasher @ 921600...
  Flasher is running
Flash size: 1048576, params: 0x022f (dio,8m,80m)
Error: /private/tmp/mos-20210101-49563-bln8i1/mos-2.18.0/cli/flash/esp/flasher/flash.go:302: Image 778528 @ 0x100000 will not fit in flash (size 1048576)
/private/tmp/mos-20210101-49563-bln8i1/mos-2.18.0/cli/main.go:198: flash failed
exit status 1

can mongoose os not operate on esp01 1m? or am I missing something?


Not sure, but you can try use the command line argument --verbose as part of the build step which will print the firmware size in the logs and see how big it is


I was able to flash an empty project on to it…


In order to flash a 1M ESP8266, you have to build the firmware using --build-var=BOARD="esp8266-1M".
This build does not support OTA. You need at least 2MB of flash for OTA.