Mongoose OS VS Code IDE plugin does not work

Did anyone get it to work recently? Seems like the current version of the Visual Studio Code plugin is broken. :frowning: I read a lot of similar reports but no solutions.
Specifically, I have the following issue:


You are referring to an issue that is one year old, specific to Windoze, specific to not finding the executables.
Since ‘mos’ is an executable command, it must reside somewhere in your path where code can find it to work.

The plugin works OK now on Linux, code version 1.48.2, Mongoose OS IDE version 0.6.0
If you have a specific issue on a specific environment please specify so someone with your environment is able to help you, and some of us don’t panic on such a subject.

Just retested and set the environment variables, now it seems to work. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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What are the environment variables? please, I have windows 10 pro 64, download the lastest MOS, and the Lastest VSCODE and it does not works. I also copu the mos.exe file everywhere, also put in PATH c:\mos, and the vscode showme the error MGOS: Command “mos flash …” failed. thank you

I added C:\mos as here although can’t seem to run mos on CLI, outside the web ui

Well, adding an environment variable to W7 (or any other version) is not something mos related.
To be able to run a program from the command line in your OS, you need to know how to use your OS and how to set the path in your command line interpreter.
If you then open a command line interpreter (shell, DOS prompt) you either run the program or get a “not found” error message. If (error message) then bad path
else If (GUI opens) then you didn’t pass enough parameters…

cool thank you for the tips