MOS cmd history gets corrupted when restarted


With the MOS tool (2.15.0) running on OSX, if a command has commas in it, the history gets corrupted when you restart MOS.


mos call FS.Mkfs ‘{“dev_type”:“spi_flash”,“dev_opts”:"{“freq”:20000000,“cs”:0,“label”:“fs_ext”}",“fs_type”:“LFS”}’

as long as you don’t restart MOS, you can recall this command, but if you restart, the command becomes:

mos call FS.Mkfs ‘{“dev_type”:“spi_flash”

It looks like the commas get parsed as line ends. What makes the problem more acute is that I can’t seem to cut/paste on OSX (maybe I’m doing something wrong?) so it means I have to retype a long line if I’ve restarted MOS.