Mos config documentation


where is the documentation on how to update configuration?
Doing this via VSCode is a bit hard and I assume via command line or is there a GUI for that?
I want to do a few things:

  1. I want to disable wifi AP mode and I have to use a mos command to do this now right?
  2. I disabled the Mongoose button on my VSCode workspace but don’t know how to enable again.



I eventually found how to disable AP

config-set wifi.ap.enable=false

but would like to know where that mongoose button went on VS code IDE.
Also the config commands are hard to find in the online documentation


The config_schema of each library’s mos.yml lists the configuration options.
E.g. mqtt
Then simply run mos config-set mqtt.enable=true mqtt.server="ip:port"

Another way to get the configuration options is mos config-get library_name

mos config-get mqtt
  "clean_session": true,
  "client_id": "client",
  "cloud_events": true,
  "enable": true,
  "keep_alive": 60,
  "max_qos": 2,
  "pass": "",
  "reconnect_timeout_max": 60,
  "reconnect_timeout_min": 2,
  "recv_mbuf_limit": 3072,
  "require_time": false,
  "server": "",
  "ssl_ca_cert": "",
  "ssl_cert": "",
  "ssl_cipher_suites": "",
  "ssl_key": "",
  "ssl_psk_identity": "",
  "ssl_psk_key": "",
  "user": "",
  "will_message": "",
  "will_topic": ""

Thank you for info, however I couldn’t find any of this in the documentation, when I last looked