Mos.exe fills up windows temp folder (>1M log files)

Mos on windows will fill up the %localappdata%/Temp folder with countless log files, this is probably caused by the VSCode extension calling mos.exe for every operation. Is there a way to limit the log to one file of disable it completely?

There are about a million log files in the folder and, since windows won’t allow to delete the whole Temp because is always being used by other processes I have no way to select all of them (explorer crashes). Why not put them in a Temp/mos folder?

Those log files are created by the mos GUI. Don’t use the GUI and there will be no more logs there.

I’m not using the GUI, I’m developing with VSCode and the Mongoose OS extension.

It would great to have those logs be in a dedicated folder or at least each file divided by day. (Or even better, have a flag to disable the logging)

You can use Windows Disk Cleanup utility.