Mos failing on MacOS


Since 2018, we have developed an IoT waste scale running on Mongoose OS Enterprise Edition.
We are using the mos tool to flash and setup the scales during the production process.
We have approx 1000 scales in operation.

Since july, I noticed that mos tool is failing on my mac computer which is preventing me from preparing new scales for customer deployments.

I am getting errors opening the serial port when running some of the commands like mos license or mos config-get with the following message

Error: write: /dev/cu.usbserial-[XXXX]: file already closed

Processing: PastedGraphic-1.png…

On the other hand, mos flash and mos console seem to be working fine.
The device are working OK, as I am able to check through the console.
I tried:

  1. upgrading mos to 2.20.0
  2. de-installing and re-installing mos completely
  3. a fresh mos install on another MAC computer (using the instructions from this page Mongoose OS Documentation)
    I keep having the same issue, so I need help.

Anybody facing similar issues ?
Do you have any recommendation on how to troubleshoot this issue ?

Thank you !!!

I would try to rule out the mos tool by using something like the Arduino IDE to write something to the device - make sure there are no issues with your usb to serial setup.