Mos init --arch esp32 does not work


Hello everyone…

I’m trying to write a simple mongoose app in C and/or C++. I was able to get the js sample app working without trouble. I’m using a Mac.

I have looked at several tutorials and, based on those, I started by opening a terminal window and issuing:

> mos init --arch esp32

The response I get is:

Unknown command: init. Run "mos help"

If I do it from the mos tool I get:

$ init --arch esp32
exec: "init": executable file not found in $PATH
Command completed.

I was expecting this command would run and set up an initial project template for me, but no joy. I have googled this and found very little on it. Is this still a valid command?

Thanks for your help…


mos init does not exist anymore.
Use mos clone app where app is one of the mongoose-os-apps.

E.g :
mos clone demo-c will clone the demo-c in the demo-c directory.
mos clone demo-c myapp will clone the demo-c in the myapp directory.

BTW, the flag --arch is deprecated, use --platform instead.


That works, thank you very much.