mOS with Task priority , Queue , interrupt handle?

Hi. guys

I would like to know… How can we do Task priority , Queue , task interrupt in mOS.
For example we have 2 task (T1 & T2) , T2 are high priority than T1

We set T1 to start process at 06:00 and running for 20min.

We set T2 to start process at 06:10 and running for 5min.

T1 will suspended on 06:10 because T2 has interrupt with higer priority.
T2 will finish they job at 06:15
T1 will resume remaining task until 06:25

Someone in other question of yours mentioned that this is an event-driven framework.
There are no tasks, only event handlers, and they run to completion: there is no preemption, there are no priorities. You must return asap (or otherwise call a poll function).
If you do need tasks, you can work on FreeRTOS (I think you mentioned somewhere else you are using the ESP32); though task times as you describe sound more like taken from a crontab for batch processing than from an embedded system.