Neopixel Flora RGB Led with Mongoose OS



I have a Neopixel Flora RGB led that I want to control from an app using a Firebase cloud feature. I already turn on and off the status led of the ESP8266 board but I can’t find information to connect this RGB led with javascript as language in Mongoose OS and this tutorial isn’t working for me…:

Any idea?


Regards, Arturo.


This application is veeeery outdated.

I’m not familiar with AWS, but to make it build and run (with a deprecation notice) there are some modifications to be done:

  • in mos.yml
  - ["debug.level", 2]

# add in the libs section
  - origin:
  - origin:
  - origin:
  - origin:

# replace skeleton_version with
manifest_version: 2017-05-18
  • in main.c
#include "mgos.h"
  • in init.js comment out or delete line 17
  //effect: EFFECT.NONE,

After that, the application will build and run with this notice

mgos_aws_shadow is deprecated and will be removed soon, use the shadow lib with AWS backend instead (

Now you can configure wifi and provision the device to AWS


Hi nliviu!

This isn’t working for me… :frowning:



Try examples from


Ok, thanks cps :slight_smile: