On device generic HTTP configuration GUI


I’m still new to Mongoose, so I’m afraid I’m probably overlooking something obvious…

I’m searching for a generic lib or app that will auto generate an html configuration interface on device. I imagine this to be a html page on the device that calls Config-get per ajax and assembles a minimal UI containing all configurable options (not just Wifi).

A bunch of samples exist to set the Wifi AP and passphrase, but I feel that something more generic exists, but the only thing I’ve been able to find is an example in the mongoose-os repo (fw/examples/c_web_config) that seems to have been deleted years ago. Has anything taken it’s place?

Does anything similar exist?


Yes, it does. Look here … https://github.com/mongoose-os-apps/wifi-setup-web


Thanks! I saw that, but that UI is hardcoded to WiFi params. I was looking for a generic UI that automatically generates its ui to reflect all config, i.e. by querying the config schema via config.get instead of hardcoding specific config entries.


Well, that’s an interesting task, I don’t yet know a solution in this environment. But it should be possible. However, I would implement something like this using RPC and then possibly connect an HTML page to this interface.


@a2800276 you’re correct, a generic web config existed years ago.
Having a generic mobile app (or web app) that renders a generic UI is possible, although I am not aware of anyone implemented such thing.