OTA http server is not working

  1. My goal is: I want to make OTA from web server. I successfully commit update from OTA http server (using new sketch), but once I moved the exact configuration to my code, the OTA is not working.

  2. My actions are: Indeed, I put many libraries to my code, but so far is fine.

and in config schema:

  • [“update.enable_post”, “b”, true, {title : “Enable POST updates”}]

I thought my javascript is fine, since I have tested it with simpler code and OTA was working.
I was using /update path.

  1. The result I see is: When I updated through http OTA, I got the connection is reset ( (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) and failed to update.

  2. My expectation & question is: I don’t know what to do, maybe the library or something in the code is the culprit. I also set some softwares timer in the beginning and some rpc handlers.