OTA.Update not working

I try to run mos call OTA.Update but is not working.
When I run: mos call OTA.Update ‘{“url”: “XXX.fw.zip”}’
, I obtain this:

Error: /private/tmp/mos-20190522-45236-1i6a0g/mos-71e29917f3b75c489f6abdfa167ef244d3541901/src/cesanta.com/go/src/github.com/mongoose-os/mos/mos/dev/dev_conn_impl.go:171: remote error -1: Connect error
/private/tmp/mos-20190522-45236-1i6a0g/mos-71e29917f3b75c489f6abdfa167ef244d3541901/src/cesanta.com/go/src/github.com/mongoose-os/mos/mos/main.go:196: call failed

Let me know what the problem is.

same error , did someone find solution?

Based on the OTA docs I’m guessing it’s because no professional subscription

hi have bough the license , and added it every time using “mos license” command

I have the same issue and I also bougth license and obtained it through “mos license” command.
What could be the solution?