Params must be an object, not <class 'int'>

I get this building error:

While parsing /home/maks/Development/DFN1/build/gen/mos_conf_schema.yml: Params must be an object, not <class ‘int’> (entry: [‘uconf.modem.uart_no’, ‘i’, 2])
make: *** [/mongoose-os/tools/mk/ /home/maks/Development/DFN1/build/gen/mgos_config.c] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…

part of mos.yml file:

  - ["uconf", "o", {title: "User config"}]
  - ["uconf.modem", "o", {title: "Modem config"}]  // This row I added today, and nothing changed
  - ["uconf.modem.uart_no", "i", 2]
  - ["uconf.modem.baud_rate", "i", 115200]

When I call “Config.Get”, my object “modem” is empty (uconf: {“modem”: {},…})
I didn’t change anything in mos.yml more then 1 week, it was built without any errors.
Today I see an error, and don’t understand, what’s wrong!?

The definitions must have a description, even if is empty:

  - ["uconf", "o", {title: "User config"}]
  #- ["uconf.modem", "o", {title: "Modem config"}] # This line may be omitted
  - ["uconf.modem.uart_no", "i", 2, {title: "Modem uart number"}]
  - ["uconf.modem.baud_rate", "i", 115200, {}]  
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