Port Mongoose OS to MicroChip/Atmel?


Adding a new Atmel device to Mongoose, is it:

  1. Trivially easy, just copy some files to the Atmel Studio IDE and rock on?
  2. Really hard but possible for the true genius class?
  3. Laughably insane to even consider?

From what I have read so far it looks like a new cross-compiler would have to be integrated into the VSC IDE, not a project for the faint of heart. Possibly needing a bunch of new drivers. But maybe I’ve missed something, only looked at it for a few hours.

Atmel has a very robust set of low level drivers for all their hardware, called the ASF. FreeRTOS, for example, is built into the ASF so it’s easy to add inside the free Atmel IDE. But from what I can see of Mongoose, Embed and similar the drivers are all new, proprietary to the operating system. Not taking full advantage of some of the advanced hardware features like DMA, hardware interrupt priority levels and event triggering.

Very happy to be proved wrong if so, Mongoose OS offers some great features.


The answer is between 1 and 2, depending on what you consider to be a genius class.

Agree with the points.

BTW, if you just want an existing atmel board (e.g. arduino nano) connected online via ESP32/ESP8266, consider https://vcon.io


CPQ, thanks. It would be easy with a SAMD21 or similar but I am stuck with a legacy hardware design using SAM4S. Just barely outside the Arduino universe, not too dissimilar to the Due (SAM3X) but not close enough for an easy port.

Too bad. The SAM4S was the smoking hot chip of its day (Cortex M4, 120 MHz, 2MB flash, SD card interface, NAND flash interface, WiFi using WINC1500 etc.).