Problem during local build


Hi all,

  1. My goal is: I want to compile locally, without connection to the internet
  2. My actions are: I installed docker and do a local build using the following command:
    mos build --local --arch esp32 --libs-dir ./deps/ --repo ./mos/ --verbose
  3. The result I see is: During the build - with internet on - the libraries libmongoose-esp32.a, libota-common-esp32.a, libota-http-client-esp32.a and librpc-service-ota-esp32.a are fetched from the Mongoose github. If I disconnect the internet now - to have a real local build - the build fails.
  4. My expectation & question is: How do I prevent the system to fetch these libraries but does build them locally? Why are these libraries so special and do not behave like others?

By the way: I let VisualStudio-Code getting all libraries, which nicely fetches all libs during build, so I do not have to make it manually.

Thanks for any input


Try the --no-libs-update flag.


Thanks for the input, nliviu.
Further investigation have shown, that these four lib files must be provided in the ‘build/objs’ folder, where I did not expect them. Not very elegant, but it is working …

Are there other flags for the ‘build’ command? Or how can I find all flags of this command?

Kind regards

mos help --full