RPC call timeout

I try to save config data from web socket with rpc.
After I get the response in web socket log:

<- {“id”:2,“src”:“esp32_CB4990”,“result”:{“saved”:true}}

and alert message:

Error: RPC call timeout {…}

What it can be a problem?

a few obvious things to check

  1. connectivity
  2. connection name
  3. device availability

Might be helpful if you share a code snippet of how you’re doing the save of config data, or what you RPC call looks like

main.js file:

componentDidMount() {

        const logframe = (marker, frame) => {


              state => ({

                connected: state.connected,

                frames: state.frames.concat(marker + JSON.stringify(frame))



        // Setup JSON-RPC engine

      var rpc = mkrpc('ws://' + location.host + '/rpc');

      rpc.onopen = ev => {

        this.setState({connected: true});

        rpc.call('Config.Get').then(res => this.set_data());


      rpc.onclose = ev => this.setState({connected: false});

      rpc.onout = ev => logframe('-> ', ev);

      rpc.onin = ev => {

          logframe('<- ', ev);


      this.rpc = rpc;

    const onclick = ev => {
          var pppos = {enable: true, apn: state.pppos_apn, user: state.pppos_user, pass: state.pppos_pass};

          var sta = {enable: true, ssid: state.wifi_sta_ssid, pass: state.wifi_sta_pass};

          var ap = {ssid: state.wifi_ap_ssid, pass: state.wifi_ap_pass, hidden: state.wifi_ap_hidden};

          var port = {id: Number(state.device_id), baud_rate: Number(state.device_baud_rate), data_bits: Number(state.device_data_bits), 

                        stop_bits: Number(state.device_stop_bits), parity: Number(state.device_parity), time_out: Number(state.device_time_out)};            

          var topics = {energy: state.mqtt_topic_energy, energy1: state.mqtt_topic_energy1, energy2: state.mqtt_topic_energy2, 

                        energy3: state.mqtt_topic_energy3, energy4: state.mqtt_topic_energy4, 

                        volume: state.mqtt_topic_volume, volume1: state.mqtt_topic_volume1, volume2: state.mqtt_topic_volume2, 

                        volume3: state.mqtt_topic_volume3, volume4: state.mqtt_topic_volume4, 

                        temperature: state.mqtt_topic_temperature, temperature1: state.mqtt_topic_temperature1, temperature2: state.mqtt_topic_temperature2, 

                        temperature3: state.mqtt_topic_temperature3, temperature4: state.mqtt_topic_temperature4, 

                        flowrate: state.mqtt_topic_flowrate, flowrate1: state.mqtt_topic_flowrate1, flowrate2: state.mqtt_topic_flowrate2, 

                        flowrate3: state.mqtt_topic_flowrate3, flowrate4: state.mqtt_topic_flowrate4, 

                        get_data_time: state.mqtt_topic_get_data_time, meter_errors: state.mqtt_topic_meter_errors, 

                        service_errors: state.mqtt_topic_service_errors};

          var meter = {enable: state.device_enable, type: state.device_type, polling_period: Number(state.device_polling_period), 

                        sending_data_period: Number(state.device_sending_data_period), port: port};

          var mqtt = {enable: state.mqtt_enable, server: state.mqtt_server, user: state.mqtt_login, pass: state.mqtt_password,

                        ssl_cert: state.mqtt_ssl_cert, ssl_key: state.mqtt_ssl_key, ssl_ca_cert: state.mqtt_ssl_ca};

          var uconf = {mqtt: {topics: topics}, meter: meter};

          var config = {pppos: pppos, wifi: {sta: sta, ap: ap}, mqtt: mqtt, uconf: uconf};

          this.setState({spin: true});

          this.rpc.call('Config.Set', {config, save: true, reboot: true})

              .catch(err => alert('Error: ' + err))

              .then(ev => this.setState({spin: false}));      


I found the problem!
It was the exception in my rpc callback method!..

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