Secure websockets, mongoose 5.6 problem



in our application, we use mongoose for providing client/server communication by means of a secure websocket connection.

Concerning the websocket server to client communication, everything works as expected, but the client to server communication seems to be broken or blocked. Only the initial authentication is detected by the server, but no further request event (MG_REQUEST) can be observed in the event handler. As an effect, the javascript application is loaded from the server and data is continuously sent to the client, but no user interaction/request is communicated towards the server using the websocket connection.

Furthermore, this problem only occurs when trying to reach the server from another PC in our network. Trying to connect the server on the same machine (localhost) works. We disabled any firewall on the server PC.

As certificate, we use a self signed certificate which has the private key and the certificate included.

As for the software, we use VC++ 2017 along with OpenSSL 1.1 (latest release).

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Same problem here, how to use send auth using RPC call in mjs


Did you guys ever find a resolution to this problem?


This problem is for development in js, it’s not a problem in c++