Setting a custom base MAC address in ESP32

  1. My goal is: set a custom MAC address with mos over serial
  2. I have read the ESP-IDF commands to do this, but is this possible with mos directly?
  3. I don’t see any examples of setting a custom MAC address (eFuse BLK3).
  4. My expectation & question is: Is there an example I can follow, or can someone share the steps to do this? Thanks!

Might be not exactly what are you looking for, but these 2 commits just landed:

They are available if you use mos latest.

Nice. Thanks!

That should work for me, because at my factory I’ll use mos-tool to put a unique client certificate on to each device’s file system. With these new commits, it looks is easy to set a custom MAC in the “vendor” conf1.json.

It doesn’t set the MAC in the eFuse BLK3, but I can live without that since I will be using flash encryption to lock down the file system anyway.

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@causticphoton are you able to change the mac address?

The mac address does not change even after setting

  • [“device.mac”, “089E11AABB21”]
    in mos.yml

I am using esp32.

device.mac format

yeah it works now, totally missed the format.