(Solved) Looking for help with RPC Loopback calls [C language]


Hello Mongoose OS community,

I’m trying to make an RPC Loopback call inside my master code. I need to make sure the call is finished before the code carry on, but I can’t seem to figure out the loopback options as I couldn’t find any further explanatory material. [Documentation in C]

Is there anywhere I can find further rpc-loopback documentation?


There is nothing specific related to the loopback channel.

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I’m wondering, are there any options to be added in the NULL inputs of the mg_rpc_callf function?

  struct mg_rpc_call_opts opts = {.dst = mg_mk_str(MGOS_RPC_LOOPBACK_ADDR) };
    mg_rpc_callf(mgos_rpc_get_global(), mg_mk_str("My.Func"), NULL, NULL, &opts,
                  "{param1: %Q, param2: %d}", "jaja", 1234);

Thanks for the reply



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Exactly what I needed, thank you :slight_smile: