SRAM and flash left


The ESPWROOM-32 has 540 Kbytes of SRAM available on the chip.
Where can I check how much left of post running Mongoose OS?

Thanks you.


Mongoose OS provides functions to get the heap and filsystem sizes


  unsigned long mgos_heap_size = mgos_get_heap_size();
  unsigned long mgos_free_heap_size = mgos_get_free_heap_size();
  unsigned long mgos_min_free_heap_size = mgos_get_min_free_heap_size();
  unsigned long mgos_vfs_space_total = mgos_vfs_get_space_total("/");
  unsigned long mgos_vfs_space_tree = mgos_vfs_get_space_free("/");

      ("Uptime: %.2lf, mgos_heap_size: %lu, mgos_free_heap_size: %lu, "
       "mgos_min_free_heap_size: %lu, mgos_vfs_space_total: %lu, "
       "mgos_vfs_space_tree: %lu",
       mgos_uptime(), mgos_heap_size, mgos_free_heap_size,
       mgos_min_free_heap_size, mgos_vfs_space_total, mgos_vfs_space_tree));


Uptime: 61.10, mgos_heap_size: 288564, mgos_free_heap_size: 228496, mgos_min_free_heap_size: 217768, mgos_vfs_space_total: 233681, mgos_vfs_space_tree: 203561