STM32 DevEBox board. Build and Flash

I have the board DevEBox with STM32F407VET. Can I build and flash it with mos?


Can I use this command for building firmware for this board?

mos build --platform stm32

1- Google search: mongoose-os supported hardware
Result: Mongoose OS Documentation
STMicroelectronics STM32L4, STM32F4, STM32F7 series
Your microcontroller may be supported, your board may not.

2- Look at the photo: I don’t see an RJ-45 for an Ethernet port; I don’t see a Wi-Fi module. What do you want Mongoose-OS to do with that board ?

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Thanks for your reply.
I’m thinking of attaching a display to it, some buttons, and using its gpio for relays, discrete inputs and analog inputs, sensors, etc. Maybe I will use UART for the RS485 interface. This will be something like a local control module. Mongoose-OS is just like RTOS with some convenient functions for work (configuration, file system, logs).

No, it is not. Mongoose-OS is an event-driven framework mostly designed to ease networking tasks.

Yes, you can take advantage of its timers, UART handling, configuration ease, RPC, and its mJS engine; if you manage to make those work on your board.

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