How can I get PPPoS RSSI?
For example, for wifi there is parameter “wifi.sta_rssi_thr”, for PPPoS I didn’t find something like that.
Is there easy way to do that?

PPPoS = PPP over Serial => UART connection.
RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator), there is no Signal Strength in a series connection
If whatever is providing you the PPP connection provides a signal quality indication (that will depend on its technology), it will probably have an AT command to do so, and you can use the library facilities to send a custom command and get a response; in the docs

Yes, I asked the incorrect question…)
I meen RSSI from SIM800L module that connected over PPPoS.
In debug log I see the line:

[Nov 26 20:14:05.973] mgos_pppos.c:477 RSSI: -65

Is this value updated only after SIM800L initialization or it updated, for example, every second?

Once PPP session is established (you can follow the flow and will notice it is established by using a dial-like command), only PPP data flows on the serial line.
To send a command you need to escape to command prompt and issue your command. Escaping to command prompt usually takes 1~2 seconds (long silence, three consecutive ‘+’, long silence). AFAIK the library will stay in data mode while PPP is alive, unless you manually request to send a command.
That “RSSI” text is here, and that callback is executed in response to the command issued here as part of the initialization sequence.
You have to send AT+CSQ using the library functions (link in former reply, specifically this). The if_instance parameter used on creation seems to be ‘0’ (here), as the function docs also show; however, I’m only following docs and source code and haven’t actually done this.

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