Trying to help understand `mos build --local` process

I’m trying to understand more about the mos build process.

In particular I’m interested in how esp-idf version is set, and if it’s a good idea to be messing with it at all. I’ve seen people calling out particular esp-idf version, how is that achieved?

My mos.yml that I copied from an example shown below has no callouts to IDF version.

libs_version: "${mos.version}"
modules_version: "${mos.version}"
mongoose_os_version: "${mos.version}"

I do see a version called out in mongoose-os like this but is this something I should be messing with?

It is not possible to mess with the IDF version in Mongoose-OS, unless you do know what you are doing, and I mean the internals of both. It is tied to a release for a good reason; the developers set it. Every mOS release is tied to an IDF version and builds against it.

Thanks for the reply @scarpile, doing some more reading I see you’re right - the newer versions of ESP-IDF are linked on the master branch of the mongoose-os