Trying to stream data from ESP device over a web socket

I’m trying to allow one or more client devices (like tablets and phones) to connect to an ESP32 via a websocket, via wifi or BT, and then have the ESP32 stream data to the client in JSON.

From searching it seems that I do this using the RPC libraries, including one called rpc-ws which I can not find in the API documentation. Regardless, it seems that I have to create a callback and then use mg_rpc_send_responsef() from within the callback.

But this only seems to work if the client takes some action to poll the server. How can I cause the server to stream data to the clients? Would I just use a timer with a callback that calls mg_rpc_send_responsef() even if there is nothing from the client?

Is there an example? After searching I have not found much.

Thank you…

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Are you trying to make something like ?

You don’t need rpc-ws.

You need your client to open a websocket connection and your application to send data over it.

No, I’m trying to have an uC stream data to an iPad for display, so the UI is on the iPad (or other device).

Right, that’s what I’m trying to figure out how to do. More searching found some more hints so I’m still at it.

The mgos_register_http_endpoint() should do the job:

As for the event handler function, see example: