UART - PIN Declarations


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  1. My goal is: How to define UART RX and TX pins.
  2. My actions are: In the official documentation(UART section of mongoose os) I cannot find pin configurations related to UART pins.
  3. The result I see is: Gone through the documentation and I couldn’t find it.
  4. My expectation & question is: Can anyone please let me help with this.

Those settings belong in a device specific structure inside the UART config structure. In the page you mention there is an example for ESP32 in JavaScript. For other devices, in C, source code is under “platforms” in the mOS repo.
I personally don’t remember is there is a simple mos.yml config, if that is what you want.


@scaprile Thanks for you prompt response.

I have gone through the platforms link you provided, For ESP32 I can see clearly see what GPIOS is used when I use UART0, UART1 and UART2.
Thanks a lot. I got cleared my doubt. No UART pin declarations needed in mos.yml like I2C.