Unable to flash Esp8266 1M


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  1. My goal is:To Flash demo-c app to an ESP8266 1M as my first test app
  2. My actions are:followed the startup guide last command mos flash even tried mos flash --esp-baud-rate 57600
  3. The result I see is: "unfortunately I couldn’t use the Ctrl + C to copy the error from mos tool, kind of a weird limitation, i’m windows, please let me know how to copy the output from the window??? anyone the error is something along the lines of "an error digest mismatch……… and it shows two different digests… flash failed…
  4. My expectation & question is: to test mongoose with an esp8266 1M, unfortunately i’m unable to flash a demo app, please let me know which demo app is compatible? or how to fix the above error, thank you :slight_smile:

Open a command prompt, run mos flash in the directory where the application’s mos.yml exists and you’ll be able to copy the output.

In order to be able to flash the firmware to a ESP8266 with 1M of flash, you should run mos build --platform esp8266 --build-var FLASH_SIZE=1048576. Otherwise the build command will assume the default, which 4M of flash.