Upgrading to mongoose-os 2.15.0: Some mgos_sys config C api's not being found


I updated mongoose-os from

I also upgraded the esp-idf from

I am building locally the same way that was successfull before and receiving the following errors at build from my main.c:

error: implicit declaration of function ‘mgos_sys_config_set_debug_level’
error: implicit declaration of function ‘mgos_sys_config_get_debug_level’

If I comment those lines out I also get error: implicit declaration of function 'mgos_sys_config_get_device_id' in a mongoose-os src file (not my application source file)

I am trying to figure out why these APIs are appearing as implicit declarations and how I can successfully build with the latest OS and it’s compatible esp-idf


What is the version of your mos tool?
Why do you need the esp-idf tree? The mos tool pulls the appropriate docker image automatically.


mos tool is latest release 2.15.
I am using esp-idf tree for internal patches regarding 32k XTAL io strength. The local idf shouldn’t be the issue as I updated it to same version as the docker image


There was a lot of refactoring between 2.12.1 and 2.15.0.
The debug.*, device.* settings, which used to be in fw/src/mgos_sys_config.yaml has been moved in the core library.
The relevant commits are: core, mongoose-os
Maybe you have an old core lib?


That has to be it. The only thing I did not change was the libraries. I did not realize they were in libraries and assumed it was in the os source.