Using Arduino Compat library

Hi All, I’m trying to port a medium complex Arduino project to Mongoose. To do this, I created an empty C project using mos and then I modified the yml file to include:

(under libs)

- origin:

and also:

  - c
  - arduino
  - arduino-core

I also renamed the main.ino file to main.cpp.

When I run “mos build” it fails, with the only hint of error being a line that says:

/data/fwbuild-volumes/2.15.0/apps/RP4N-N2K/esp32/build_contexts/build_ctx_034998573/deps/modules/mongoose-os/platforms/esp32/src/ recipe for target 'main.o' failed
make[1]: *** [main.o] Error 1

I’ll post the entire yml file and and the full result below.

My thought is that my project uses a library that is not part of Arduino core, a 3rd party open source library, and that I somehow need to get that included in this build.

I would appreciate any suggestions, thank you very much. I’m also trying to build smaller, sample Arduino projects and see if I can isolate any particular library that’s an issue, although trial and error will be slow.

yml file:

author: mongoose-os
description: A Mongoose OS app skeleton
version: 1.0

libs_version: ${mos.version}
modules_version: ${mos.version}
mongoose_os_version: ${mos.version}

# Optional. List of tags for online search.
  - c

# List of files / directories with C sources. No slashes at the end of dir names.
  - src

# List of dirs. Files from these dirs will be copied to the device filesystem
  - fs

  - origin:
  - origin:
  - origin:
  - origin:
  - origin:

  # Added by JWA
  - origin:

  - c
  - arduino
  - arduino-core
# Used by the mos tool to catch mos binaries incompatible with this file format
manifest_version: 2017-09-29

Build result:

*** Its too big to post in the body…

The process of converting an Arduino project to Mongoose OS is not as simple as renaming *.ino to *.cpp. All the libraries have to be ported to Mongoose OS format. The arduino-compat layer provides only a part of Arduino API. Here is the list of the ported libraries.

There must be more errors before the one you posted here. Use or similar and post the link here.

Thanks for the info… I’ll study the procedure for porting libraries.

Pastebin looks pretty cool! I created a paste with the build output:

Build Output

Towards the end of the log

/src/polar1.cpp:64:18: fatal error: FS.h: No such file or directory
   #include "FS.h"

Thanks very much I missed that.

I noticed that the arduino compatible library seems to work for main.cpp but other not other source files. I could be wrong, I’m working on it.

I think I’ll try to rewrite the SD card routines using the Mongoose libraries and go from there.

Thanks again.

Ah, I just found this:


I’ll give it a spin thanks for your contribution!