Using http with username/password from mongoose-os (esp32)


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  1. My goal is: to configure the ESP32 to collect / configure a device that is accessible via http with username & password authentication.
  2. My actions are: I have tried: 1) loading api_http.js but unsure how to add the username and password 2) Using a node.js package called request.js but am not sure how to load it
  3. The result I see is:
  4. My expectation & question is: Does anyone have sample code I can use to allow me to connect to an http site allowing me to specify the username and password in the code?

Adding more content based on attempts to get this working…

I tried the following:
url: ‘http://rest-of-url’, username: ‘username’, pass: ‘password’,
success: function(body, full_http_msg) { print(body); },
error: function(err) { print(err); } // Optional

and am getting this error message in the attached image.

It’s looking for Digest authentication. Do you have guidance on how to change from Basic to Digest and what syntax I need to use? Alternatively, any way to get this to work with Basic authentication?