Using second UART on esp8266


I want to communicate with a serial device connected to the non-usb connected uart on the 8266.
I plan to us JS in this project.
How do I setup my system to achieve this?


UART1 on ES8266 is only tx.


Is there anyway of connecting the Tx/Rx pins on my slave device to the pins on the esp8266? Are these the pins labelled Tx/Rx ?
Also, is it possible to turn of the mongoose os debug output?


To disable the debug output

 - ["debug.stdout_uart", -1]
 - ["debug.stderr_uart", -1]

or to redirect to UART1

 - ["debug.stdout_uart", 1]
 - ["debug.stderr_uart", 1]

Thank you for this - which file do I put this in?


mos.yml section config_schema

 - ["debug.stdout_uart", -1]
 - ["debug.stderr_uart", -1]

The boot messages will still go to UART0.


Is it possible to suppress the boot messages?