What is the current "best" library for helping onboard new systems (WiFi setup specifically)? (ESP32 FWIW)

  1. My goal is: Have my family easily setup my device without a bunch of super convoluted steps - a robust setup process that gets their device connected to their home wifi with as little hassle as possible (ideally a robust captive portal that works on many devices, etc)

  2. My actions are: In the past, there was a somewhat popular github repo that had a starting place for this type of functionality, but the last time I looked was over a year ago and I’m wondering if there is a current “default” or well supported solution?

  3. My expectation & question is: I’d love a link to a github repo or article / etc that is a well supported / robust / reliable way of helping a user get a new device setup for the first time.

FWIW, I’m building on a ESP32. For configuration of the device (past initial setup to WiFi / network access) will be done through AWS and a custom web interface I’m building. This is for a hobby project only, but FWIW I have purchased licenses through so I can use the “enterprise” version of Mongoose.

Thanks for any tips / advice!


I’ve never used it myself, but from my research looking to solve the same problem it seemed like this library was the way to go:


Awesome! Thank you so much for the response. I actually think that might have been the library / tool I was looking at before. It doesn’t look like it’s been updated for a while, but to be fair perhaps there isn’t a ton that has changed in the requirements around such a library.

I’ll put this on the top of the (very short) list! Thanks again!


Captive portal would be the absolute simplest and most reliable. Everyone has a browser.

The other option would be BLE but that requires a fair bit of coding, ios/android apps, etc etc.