WIFI disconnect reason 201 w/ quickstart guide

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  1. My goal is: to set up a wifi connection on my ESP32 given the instructions posted on the official site to complete my Mongoose OS install for my ESP32.
  2. My actions are: Followed exactly what Mongoose OS quick start guide website on both MACOS and Windows up to the “mos wifi ssid password” command which has the same issue in both trying to connect to my 2.4g spot.
  3. The result I see is:
    Wifi did not connect reason 201 (something with APs)
  4. My expectation & question is: How can I get the wifi to connect I just followed the instructions on the Mongoose OS quick start quide website word for word and came to this, I expect it to connect properly.

I can reproduce your issue when the ssid (NETGEAR89) is not correct or not detected by the device.
If the device can detect the access point, the line

Trying NETGEAR89 cfg 0 AP (auto) att 1

should read something like that

Trying NETGEAR89  AP 12:34:56:78:9a:bc ch 6 RSSI -69 cfg 0 att 1

Do you use a custom esp32 board or a ready-made one?
Does it have a wifi antenna on the PCB?

I have a pre-made one this is the image of it

It looks like the antenna is present. You should see it on the black tab above the ESP-WROOM-32 module.

You can try to connect to the AP created by the esp32 device.

mos rm conf9.json
mos call sys.reboot
mos console

The first command will erase the file that contains the wifi credentials and the second one will reboot the device.

Now the device will create an AP with the ssid like Mongoose-xxxxxx. Your phone should see it. Connect to it with password Mongoose.

If this does not work, there might be a hardware failure.
Check the schematic diagram of your board and the user manual.

I ordered a new esp32 board that was on the mongoose site, I will see if it works on it when it arrives

It works with the new boards must of been an issue with the model of my previous ones