Wifi Provisioning the CC3220 using the mobile app using Mongoose os

  1. My goal is: To provision to a wifi network my cc3220 device using mobile app.
  2. My actions are:right now we can set the new wifi network using mos wifi wifi_ network wifi_password
  3. The result I see is:
  4. My expectation & question is:Is there any way to provision to the wifi network or set new wifinetwork from mobile app.

Sanath Rai

What about @tripflex’s Mongoose OS Captive Portal WiFi Stack?

Thank you for the reply.
does it contain any example firmware to start testing with?
I have added the captival portal wifi stack to my present libraries.but getting some errors when combined with my application.

Demo Application

Thank you,
I will go through it.


I downloaded the demo application just like other mongoose os example application and using the moss tool when i built it using mos build cc3220 i am getting some errors.
here are some of the logs i went through in mos tool after build
warning: the lib “captive portal stack” does not have version 2.15.0

Is it compatibility issue with mos tool version?

warning: the lib “captive portal stack” does not have version 2.15.0 is just a warning. The master version of the library will be used.

with that warning i am getting the below error

“/data/fwbuild-volumes/2.15.0/apps/captive-portal-wifi-stack-demo-master/cc3220/build_contexts/build_ctx_642803678/deps/wifi/src/mgos_wifi.c”, line 463: error #137: struct “mgos_config_wifi_ap” has no field “keep_enabled”
1 error detected in the compilation of “/data/fwbuild-volumes/2.15.0/apps/captive-portal-wifi-stack-demo-master/cc3220/build_contexts/build_ctx_642803678/deps/wifi/src/mgos_wifi.c”.

Ahhh, keep_enabled is defined only for esp32 and esp8266
There are more errors which make the captive portal libraries incompatible with CC3220.

oh ok…Thank you for the information.
Any idea how it can be tackled?

also i saw there is one more library provision in mongoose os …can that be used for provisioning the cc3220 device through mobile?

Never used. Give it a try.

sure.i will go through it .
Thank you.

There is an example demonstration called Full IoT product: smart light on Mongoose OS in git which i downloaded and tried to build, here again there is build problems but in the read me its is mentioned that it is compatible with CC3220. It has the wifi provisioning from the mobile APP.
how can i get more information from mongoose os team to interface with cc3220?

Sanath Rai