WiFi provisioning

I wanted to ask if it was possible to do WiFi provisioning for ESP8266 from an Android phone instead of manually doing [mos wifi **** *****]? Mongoose can be used for production ready IoT products - so how do people provision their devices?

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Checkout the BLE Gatt service, its in another thread

… or the WiFi provisioning library https://github.com/tripflex/provision-wifi by @tripflex

I found this mongoose lib: https://github.com/mongoose-os-libs/provision. Does anyone know how to use it or have a link to the documenation for using it?

I do not understand your question, the library is one of the better documented libs, so as a developer you’ll have to read and try for yourself.

Yeah which turned into the the full stack library now:

This should make it super simple and easy to get setup


You can also use ESP Touch.