Increase the partition fs_o and fs_1 on device esp32?

Hi, need to put a 250kB hex file to the esp32 for some extra devices. But the fs_0/fs_1 partition is too small. Is it possible to edit a default value somewere in the mongoose code?? In that case: Which file?

The build variable MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE is responsible with fs_0/fs_1 size.
mos build --platform esp32 --build-var MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE=458752 will make fs_* 448kB. That’s the maximum you can get for 4M flash device.


The use of MGOS_ROOT_SIZE was fine regarding download to esp32 (4MB) a file with size 250kB.
BUT, now the OTA don’t work, see
I’ve also tried to use MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE=250000 and APP_SLOT_SIZE=0x120000, but it OTA allways fails. I first burn the flash by UART, and then I do OTA with the same image from Mdash.
The only way I can have this to work is by don’t use MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE at all, but then I don’t have space for my 250kB hex file…
Is there a way to fix this??

MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE must a be multiple of 4096. That’s the only reason I see for OTA update failing.
With APP_SLOT_SIZE=0x120000 and MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE=655360 mos flash followed by mdash OTA update succeds for me.

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